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Klosterstraße (Station)

U-Bahnhof Klosterstraße

Klosterstraße station entrance
Klosterstraße is a station on Berlin's U-Bahn line U2 located nearAlexanderplatz.


Klosterstraße U-Bahn station (U2), Berlin
Instead of advertising, the walls are lined with enamel depictions of Berlin's public transport vehicles through the ages. These pictures date from the GDR.

Old U-Bahn train at Klosterstraße station
At the end of the platform in the direction of Alexanderplatz, the front part of one of the original Berlin U-Bahn trains has been placed between the stairways, giving the impression from some angles that it is coming into the station. At the other end an old signalling control panel is on display.

The reason for the gap between the stairs at either end of the platform is that originally Klosterstraße was intended to be an interchange station with two platforms and three tracks, with the middle track branching off in the direction of the currentU5. This third track would have been in the centre of the existing, very wide platform, and the outline where it would have been is still visible.


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