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Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is Berlin's most famous border crossing and an infamous Cold War symbol. Located on the Friedrichstraße, it was the flashpoint between the American and Soviet sectors of Berlin.

At Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall ran from east to west, putting the former Soviet sector to the north side of the checkpoint and the American sector to the south.

Nowadays the Checkpoint is pretty much a tourist trap (complete with purveyors of the usual Eastern European kitsch). If you want to get a feel for the tense atmosphere which arises when a city street is divided by a military-esque control point, head on up to theAmerican Embassy, which is surrounded by its own little Berlin Wall.

Kochstraße (Station) (0.1 km), Bulgarian Embassy (0.3 km), Hi-Flyer (0.3 km), Slovakian Embassy (0.3 km), Museum for Communication Berlin (0.3 km), Stadtmitte (Station) (0.4 km), Reich Air Ministry (0.4 km), Mohrenstraße (Station) (0.6 km), Liechtenstein Embassy (0.6 km)