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Love Parade

Love Parade Berlin
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The Love Parade is one of Berlin's most famous - and most notorious - events, a massive techno party held in the Tiergarten.

Following a two-year pause caused by financial difficulties, the Love Parade returned in 2006 with the motto "the love is back". Between 500,000 (according to the police) and 1.2 million (according to the organisers) participants turned up; it certainly looked like there were far fewer ravers than there used to be during the parade's glory days.

2007 Love Parade

As of February 22 it looks like the Love Parade will not be taking place this year.

Previous Love Parades in Berlin

Year Motto Participants
2006 The Love is Back 1,200,000
2005 (did not take place) -
2004 (did not take place) -
2003 Love Rules 750,000
2002 Access Peace 750,000
2001 Join The Love Republic 800,000
2000 One World One Loveparade 1,300,000
1999 Music Is The Key 1,500,000
1998 One World One Future 800,000
1997 Let the Sun Shine In Your Heart 1,000,000
1996 We Are One Family 750,000
1995 Peace on Earth 280,000
1994 Love 2 Love 110,000
1993 The Worldwide Party People Weekend 31,000
1992 The Spirit Makes You Move 15,000
1991 My House Is Your House And Your House Is Mine 6,000
1990 The Future Is Ours 2,000
1989 Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen 150