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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rail concept for new airport: tickets for 7 Euro?

Compared to other major cities, it doesn't cost much to get to Berlin's airports by public transport: even the most distant, Schönefeld falls just within the €2.10 AB zone ticket, valid even on the fast Regional Express trains. When the new BBI airport opens at Schönefeld though, it's unlikely that this happy situation will continue.

The new airport will have its own station, currently under construction, located directly beneath the main terminal (in contrast to the current station, which is a fair walk away). It will be connected by special Airport Express trains to Berlin-Hauptbahnhof and Potsdam as well as by S-Bahn - and all that will need to be paid for. Even now services are subsidized quite heavily: the powers that be are considering creating a special fare zone for the BBI airport which will require a more expensive ticket, at least for the express services: a fare of €7 (at current prices) is being considered. However that's still well below typical prices in other cities.

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