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Friday, September 29, 2006

Berlin-Splitter (8)

Big news of the week is of course the drama at the Deutsche Oper: a Mozart opera was cancelled because it contained scenes involving the decapitation of various religious figures including the prophet Mohammed. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that we here at this website do not condone the decapitation (whether actual or nur symbolic) of religious leaders, and if you'd like to take that explosives belt off very gently while I take shelter behind this mound of ....BOOM .

Hot: last Sunday was the warmest Autumn (Fall) Sunday since records began, with temperatures reaching 26C.

Phew: on the same Sunday a bar in Friedrichshain's Seumestrasse narrowly escaped being blown up by a guest. 35 year old Holger B. was having a bad time of it: being threatened with eviction from his apartment, and the bar owner wanted him to pay his tab. What better solution than to attempt to blow himself up, taking the bar, and possibly the building above, with him? Fortunately he was overpowered by the other guests, otherwise you'd have read about this already.

"Bvg Brother is watching you": the BVG has now fitted out a third of its 1,300 buses with video cameras, mainly as a reaction to an increasing number of attacks on its bus drivers. The whole fleet should be fitted out by 2010.

The Berlin airports saga continues: on Monday construction started on the first runway for the new Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport. However on Thursday several airlines who fly from Tempelhof started court action to keep it open.

And more drama in the entertainment world: Robbie Williams successfully sued a Berlin newspaper who printed a photo of His Robbieship in his underwear.

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